Characteristics of syphilis patients who are men who have sex with men at urban sexually transmitted disease clinic in Bangkok


  • Lawitra Phithawutthikorn Bangrak STIs Center, Department of Disease Control
  • Rossaphorn Kittiyaowamarn Bangrak STIs Center, Department of Disease Control
  • Suppachok Kongtian Bangrak STIs Center, Department of Disease Control
  • Ekkachai Daengsaard Bangrak STIs Center, Department of Disease Control
  • Nopphanath Chumpathat Faculty of Nursing, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University



syphilis, men who have sex with men, LDL-C goal achievement


Syphilis is one of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). The re-emergence among men who have sex with men (MSM) population has raised public health concerns which require an urgent solution. The goal of this study is to find the characteristics of MSM diagnosed with syphilis in Bangrak STIs Center and
Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand. This is a descriptive cross-sectional study. A total of 90 new cases of MSM diagnosed with syphilis aged >18 years old were recruited. Findings revealed that 62.2% of
participants were under 30 years old, more than 72.2% had earned a bachelor's degree or above, and 75.6% were under 20 years old when they had their first sexual experience. Intermittent condoms use or no condom use were practiced during having insertive oral sex (88.9%), and receptive oral sex (85.6%). Syphilis patients who had previous history of STIs used more HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis than those who never had STIs before (60% vs 33.3%). The prevention of syphilis infection among MSM should be prioritized by authorities that are responsible for STIs. Strengthening of consultation, education and STIs screening should be intensively implemented in high-risk population especially MSM.


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