The System and Effectiveness of Care for COVID-19 patients in Hospitel: A Case Study on Hospitel of Department of Disease Control


  • Chuleekorn Tanathitikorn Institute of Preventive Medicine, Department of Disease Control



A care system, COVID-19 patients, hospitel, effectiveness


The study aimed to 1) investigate the steps of the Department of Disease Control hospitel establishment for covid-19 patients 2) investigate the care system of the hospital and 3) evaluate an efficiency of care for covid -19 patients within the hospitel. Descriptive study with reflective practice and brain storming were applied. The study samples were 20 medical personnel who worked in the hospitel, 15 hotel staffs and 342 patient who were admitted from May 3, 2021 to July 31, 2021. The data were collected by structured observation and inpatient data record forms. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistic and content analysis. The research results were as follows 1) an establishment of the hospitel consists of 3 steps which were the preparation, operation, and effectiveness evaluation. 2) The care system of the hospitel was divided in 3 sections which were admission, treatment with monitoring, and referring. 3) an effectiveness of care for covid -19 patients within the hospitel was higher than the indicators (80%). The admission of green group patients was 100%, able to control the number of intubation rate at 0 case and able to refer all the cases which meet the referral criteria to the main hospital. The results of this study were able to applied as an example to gain capability of Covid-19 treatment within special ward when the pandemic occur. A study of factors related to efficiency of treatment within special ward (hospital) in term of preparedness for emerging infectious disease (EID) was recommended for the future study.


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