Level of Blood Pressure and Its Related Factors among People Aged 35 Years and Over in Mahasarakham Province


  • Siriporn Sutjacharee Faculty of Public Health, Khon Kaen University
  • Pongdech Sarakarn Faculty of Public Health, Khon Kaen University
  • Donlagon Jumparway ASEAN Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research Group
  • Pakee Sappipat Mahasarakham Provincial Public Health Office
  • Amorn Suttisa Mahasarakham Provincial Public Health Office




Blood pressure levels, risk factor, the JNC7 guideline


Hypertension is a high risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke leading to premature death, which is the first cause of morbidity in Thailand. This study aimed to investigate factors associated with blood pressure levels of those aged 35 years and above in Mahasarakham Province using data of hypertension screening between Dec 1, 2018, and Sep 30, 2019, from 43 files (Data Health Center: DHC) of Mahasarakham Provincial Public Health Office. The samples accounted for 143,912 people aged 35 years and above in Mahasarakham Province. Blood pressure levels were categorized into four groups, using the JNC7 guideline, including normal (<120/80 mmHg), pre-hypertension (120/80-139/89 mmHg), stage1-hypertension (140/90-159/99 mmHg), and stage 2-hypertension (≥160/100 mmHg). The study showed that the factors significantly associated with the occurrence of hypertension among the normal and pre-hypertension group were as follows: gender, age, marital status /widowed/divorced/separated, waist circumference over standard, place of residence, family history of hypertension, smoking, and drinking alcohol. Meanwhile, all these factors, but smoking, were also observed as associations among stage 1-hypertension. Therefore, public health efforts in control and risk behavior modification for hypertension should be considered and monitored among both normal and pre-hypertension groups in order to reduce the likelihood of developing hypertension in the future.


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