A case report of radicular cyst of upper maxillary incisor

  • Apinya Srilekarat Rajpracha Samasai Institute
Keywords: radicular cyst, endodontic treatment, enucleation, trauma


Radicular cysts are one of the most common odontogenic cysts. Radicular cysts are usually asymptomatic and are left unnoticed until detected by routine radiographic examination. They originate as a result of inflammation due to pulp necrosis or trauma. The purpose of this report was to study about the treatment of radicular cyst. In the case report presented, the 16-year-old male visited the dentist with chief complaint of pain and swelling gum at upper right anterior tooth, which he had been suffering for nearly two years as a result of an accident. Radiographic examination revealed radiolucency around an apex of tooth #11 and 12. The tooth was treated by endodontic treatment and enucleation. Subsequently, the patient had follow-up visits at 3 and 6 months and the success of the treatment was evident both clinically and radiographically during the follow-up period.


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