Traditional Lanna rituals on the dimensions of mental health promotion


  • Samart Jitae Faculty of Science and Technology, Rajabhat Chiang Mai University



Lanna rituals, mental health promotion, mental health


The purpose of this article is to present a model for mental health promotion among the local residents by taking advantage of traditional Thai Lanna rituals as an alternative to existing health promotion strategies. According to traditional belief, in Thailand’s upper North traditional Lanna rituals have been widely used to ward off illnesses based on the community rules, personal and communal belief in supernatural powers, and community resources. Introduction of traditional Lanna rituals has been found to help increase a moral boosts among individuals. In terms of the impact on communities, the rituals have contributed to a learning process suitable for their existing capacity, religious rites, change in social characteristics, and utilization of natural resources. Nevertheless, certain social factors, particularly family support, the need for help when faced with problems, and community-based health service system, have played an important role in encouraging the local residents to participate in the rituals. In addition, it is recommended that these activities be implemented through the elderly club and village health volunteers.


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