Elderly health care with Lanna wisdom in urban area: case study in Suthep Sub-District Municipality, Muang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai Province


  • สามารถ ใจเตี้ย Chiang Mai Rajabhat University
  • รพีพร เทียมจันทร์ Chiang Mai Rajabhat University
  • กานต์ชัญญา แก้วแดง Chiang Mai Rajabhat University
  • อทิตยา ใจเตี้ย Chiang Mai Rajabhat University




health care, elderly, urban area, Lanna wisdom


The objective of this descriptive research was to study the health care of the elderly with Lanna wisdom in an urban area. The sample of this research were 297 households and 19 stakeholders residing in Suthep Sub-district Municipality located in Muang Chiang Mai  District, Chiang Mai Province. Data were collected using questionnaires, non-in-depth interview, and group discussion. Quantitative data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and qualitative data using content analysis. The results indicated that the following areas of Lanna wisdom were used by the study population as part of their health care: 64.3% of the elderly had Lanna-style massage therapy; 60.9% of them opted for Lanna local wisdom in mental health care focusing on morale-boosting and support group activities; the local Lanna foods were occasionally consumed by the study group (mean = 2.10); and the elderly group was found to have used the most commonly found 22 medicinal plants for health care purposes. This elderly group has recommended that the Lanna local wisdom and the need for healthy living be incorporated as part of the learning process and strategy to encourage engagement from all stakeholders to achieve the goal of health and wellbeing for all under ever-changing socioeconomic and physical circumstances in the local area.


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