Development and Evaluation of Software Program for Dengue Fever Investigation by Mobile Phone or Notebook

  • ลดารัตน์ ผาตินาวิน Bureau of Epidemiology, Department of Disease Control
  • บุญโรม มาตรา Bureau of Epidemiology, Department of Disease Control
Keywords: Software development, program evaluation, Dengue fever, mobile phone, notebook


The objective of this study was to develop and assess the effectiveness of implementation of software program for Dengue fever investigation on mobile phone or notebook. This program was composed of web application for online input of clinical data and view epidemiological report, and mobile phone or laptop software for field investigation. Database in server of Bureau of Epidemiology was reviewed. There were 879 Dengue fever cases from 7 provinces, 92.32 % were recorded by hospital user. Ratchaburi, the pilot province that supported one Dopod P800W mobile phone for one district, 47.50 % of 739 cases were carried out field investigation. Those who have GPS located patient's house were more have Aedes aegypti larval survey than who have not about 25, 21 and 9 fold in 5 district, Jombueng and Paktho district respectively. The benefit of software is the speed at which information can be gathering from the field and monitoring spread of disease on Google map, but mostly mobile phone has no GPS and run android operating system that can't use this windows mobile operating system software.


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