Nurses’ Role in Promoting the Nutrition and Eating Behaviors for Preschoolers

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Chollada Jongsomjitt


This article aims to present the nurses’ role in promoting nutrition and eating behaviors for preschoolers. Nutritional status in children can be an indicator predicting overall health status and is an important basis for the physical and intellectual growth of children. If the children do not receive suitable care and have inappropriate eating habits, it will affect the children’s health for now and in the future. Therefore, a nurse who has a role in taking care of children’s health is an important person who takes a role in providing advice to child caregivers. Furthermore, nurses can give advice to teachers and nannies in schools or Daycare centers to promote proper nutrition and eating behavior of children. Nurses should understand the preschooler’s development in accordance with the child's eating, child's nutritional needs, how to provide food, to enhance good eating behaviors, and to provide the pleasant eating environment, which all can promote appropriate eating behaviors for preschoolers, leading to appropriate taking care for preschoolers and to be in good health and well-being.          



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